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Building a personal brand is all about capturing attention. If you work in a “boring” industry, it can be tough to communicate the key benefits that differentiate you from competitors. Especially when you work in an industry that’s not usually the topic of conversation or trending on social media.

Take the VoIP industry, a very boring industry. It’s hard to make VOIP stand out or make it “sexy”. People don’t usually turn to VoIP companies for engaging content, actionable educational or entertainment. But with the right attitude and the ability to produce quality content, leaders even in the boring Cloud VoIP industry can gain recognition and build an audience. (I’ll show you a real life example in bullet #1 below).

In this article I’ll show you real examples of how to capture your target market’s attention, convert them into stark raving fans, and build your personal brand even when you’re in a boring industry.

Ready? Let’s roll!

1. Be Bold. Be Authentic. 

Wallflowers and shrinking violets don’t build brands. People who are bold and enthusiastic do. For executives looking to make their mark and build a brand, being a hands-on, in the trenches type of person translates into authentic experience.

You don’t want to be the kind of exec that takes all the credit and not know how anything works. If your team does the heavy lifting while you get the kudos but you can’t explain how your widget works, then people are not going to respect your opinion.

Someone who shows they know what they are doing and can express their “Why” is going to be more authentic.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and share it, even if it happens to touch on the politics of the day. If it is earnest, authentic and well-thought-out—not some emotionally charged overreaction—then boldly proclaim it and let the discourse begin. That is what builds engagement, followers, and brands. 

Those who take a position and confidently support their way of thinking are more likely to stand out 

People value leaders who are confident and don’t flip-flop on their beliefs just to appease the masses. Sure, some feathers may get ruffled, but how many low-key, wishy-washy executives can you name? Exactly. You can’t name many because they don’t stand out and nobody knows who they are.

2. Share Actionable Expertise

Just because your industry isn’t interesting doesn’t mean no one is interested. You can still share your knowledge and expertise to build your brand. Take Ryan Stewman, the sales and marketing expert who runs a sales training called The Hardcore Closer.

Ryan gained a loyal following talking about lead generation. He has built a multi-million dollar business by taking what has worked for him, sharing it, and monetizing it.

Ryan was on the cutting edge of using social media and videos to promote himself and connect with people when he started in sales. Because of his success, he started to teach other salespeople how to use social media to connect with people and use tools for lead generation. 

He built a lead generation software company called Phonesites that helps salespeople create their own sales funnels. He offered free training on Facebook live and produced free content in the form of articles and training videos.

Sharing his expertise helped grow his personal brand which has allowed him to scale into other successful business ventures. He’s doing it right.

Chris the founder of SalesMessage is another great example. He has been using SMS texting to communicate with anyone who contacts their business or even subscribes to their webinars, events, or blog. 

He shares actionable tips, tricks and information while trying to covert some of the leads who contact him and gets a whopping 70% response rate on SMS texts. He recently shared the complete set of sample text messages to send to customers on his blog. He engages his potential customers and build his following.

But, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in personal branding is to be and act like someone you are not. You will eventually be outed, caught, or exposed. 

When building a personal brand, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or have expertise when you don’t.

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of the once highly-touted blood-testing startup Theranos, was once the darling of Silicon Valley. She was seen as an influencer and visionary in the same vein as Steve Jobs.

Theranos WAS Elizabeth Holmes and her personal brand of being a healthcare wunderkind carried the firm. Unfortunately for many people, the whole company and the whole story was a massive fraud. She faked her expertise and knowledge, the company was exposed and now it is no more.

A personal brand built on lies and half-truths will come back to bite you.

3. Be the MVP of Value

If you want to really stand out, you must be useful and add maximum value at all times. Do this by offering free info, training, and content about your industry and share that info while speaking at events and on podcasts.

We’re talking about sharing real expertise, not just thoughts or opinions, but practical knowledge that comes from actually having done the work.

Jack Kosakowski kills it here. Jack has been providing actionable social selling advice and content for over 5 years. With his SkillsLab social selling site, he has been helping salespeople to increase their presence through social media and how to correctly connect with—and sell to—their target clients. 

Value comes from experience. Jack has churned out content on social media, his blog, publications like The Harvard Business Review, and on podcasts—continually sharing what has worked for him, and how it took him from a newbie salesperson to the CEO of the US division of a Global Digital Agency.

4. Stop Selling and Build Trust Instead

Look, you don’t need to be Billy Mays or the ShamWow guy, pitching and promoting all day while operators are standing by. Constantly pushing product is exhausting. But talking and engaging with people in your own voice—your true self—and showing them how to succeed with examples and actionable ideas will build trust.

When you let people see the real you, trust is built and your brand strengthens and attracts new prospects.

Trust isn’t built by speaking AT people. It’s built by engaging and speaking WITH with your audience.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. And that’s usually not the guy with the bullhorn shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” Differentiate yourself by sharing knowledge from real-world experience in an authentic, engaging way that creates value and trustworthiness. This will build your personal brand.

When someone needs to seek out info in your industry, you will be top-of-mind because you will be the rockstar of your “boring” industry. They will come to you for the value you provide because you’ve built trust due to engagement, value, and expertise. 


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ecommerce fulfillment services

Are you too busy to take care of order fulfillment in your eCommerce business? Do you lack the infrastructure to efficiently serve your customers nationally and globally? Do you not want to invest in running and staffing your own warehouse because of uneven sales?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then partnering with a third-party fulfillment provider can be the right strategy to go ahead. In this article, we will explore ten fulfillment service providers to help you pick one of the best eCommerce fulfillment services for your business.

What is an eCommerce Fulfillment Service?

An eCommerce fulfillment is a process of sorting products, packaging them, and sending them to customers. Everything that happens from the time a customer place an online order until he/she receives the purchased item falls within the ambit of eCommerce fulfillment.

Now, many third-party companies offer eCommerce fulfillment services, reducing the burden on eCommerce business owners.

From sorting orders to packing and shipping and live tracking of the goods, these fulfillment companies take care of everything required to deliver purchased items timely and delight customers. Most fulfillment companies also manage customer returns.

How do Fulfillment Services Work?

Here is how an eCommerce fulfillment service works:

  • Business owners send inventories to a third-party logistics company offering fulfillment solutions
  • Business owners pass the order details to the company
  • The company packs and ships the purchased items to customers
  • The company provides business owners with shipment details to be shared with customers

Most steps of the fulfillment process are automated and happen behind the scene. With technology getting advanced these days, customers can do live tracking of their orders.

A reputed company, like Amazon, has multiple eCommerce fulfillment center locations across the world to offer faster delivery.

So working with a reputed order fulfillment company means purchased products will reach customers from its fulfillment center quickly and timely. And the customer support department of the company will promptly address shoppers’ queries regarding product deliveries.

10 Best eCommerce Fulfillment Services

The following are leading eCommerce fulfillment companies:

1. ShipBob

ShipBob offers fulfillment services for both offline and online channels. You can use it for multichannel inventory. You can easily integrate ShipBob with major eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Etsy, eBay, and more.

Here are key features of the ShipBob fulfillment solution:

  • 2-Day express shipping program for all continental US orders
  • Distributed inventory among multiple eCommerce fulfillment centers
  • Efficient order management
  • Smart inventory management

Also, ShipBob comes with easy integration with leading eCommerce technology solutions. And it provides powerful reporting and analytics to help you make informed decisions.

What’s more, ShipBob offers custom branded boxes as well.

2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you sell primarily on Amazon, then Fulfillment by Amazon can be the right option for you. As Amazon has fulfillment centers worldwide, international shipping can be done quickly.

Here are the top highlights of Fulfillment by Amazon:

  • Your products will become eligible for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping, FREE Shipping, and more
  • Transparent pricing
  • Amazon will provide your customers with the top-class customer support and returns

If you sell a big volume or high margin products, FBA can be a good option to outsource the fulfillment process.

3. FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx is a reputed eCommerce fulfillment provider. With FedEx Fulfillment, you can offer international shipping services in a hassle-free manner.

Some key advantages of FedEx fulfillment are:

  • A single place for order fulfillment and inventory management
  • Easy-to-use commerce platform
  • Reliable service for product delivery
  • A reputed brand name

FedEx fulfillment is also known to offer excellent customer service. It is most suited for those businesses that do a lot of international shipping.

4. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics, with its nationwide network of fulfillment centers, offers fast third-party fulfillment services. By having multiple fulfillment center locations and utilizing them, Rakuten Super Logistics can reach 98% of the US within two days via ground shipping process.

The main features of Rakuten Super Logistics are mentioned below:

  • 100% order accuracy guarantee
  • 100% shipped the next day
  • 1-2 Day U.S. Ground Delivery Network
  • Easy integration with leading partners for shipping and shopping carts

5. Red Stag Fulfillment

If you ship large and heavy items, Red Stag Fulfillment can be an excellent order fulfillment partner.

  • Efficient support to manage inventory
  • Data-driven business insights & forecasts
  • Fulfillment centers across the US to reduce fulfillment costs
  • Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces

Red Stag Fulfillment offers a variety of industry-leading guarantees for receiving, accuracy, processing, and more to meet customer expectations.

6. Shopify Fulfillment Network

Do you think Shopify only offers an eCommerce platform? Then, you probably don’t know- what is Shopify actually? The company provides reliable order fulfillment services along with a range of eCommerce solutions.

The key highlights of the Shopify Fulfillment Network are:

  • Two-Day order delivery with transparent delivery dates
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Quick and smooth returns

If your online store sends subscription boxes regularly, you can explore order fulfillment service from Shopify.

7. ShipMonk

ShipMonk is one of the reputed eCommerce fulfillment partners. The company serves most types of eCommerce businesses, including adult products, CBD, and much more.

The key features of ShipMonk are:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Freight management
  • MonkProtect to offer an unbeatable customer experience
  • Transparent fulfillment and storage fees

If your eCommerce company is looking for specialized services, you can talk to ShipMonk. The company often helps clients tackle projects outside of the norm.

8. ShipHero Fulfillment

ShipHero offers outsourced fulfillment and end-to-end shipping software to manage your warehouse. The key features of ShipHero Fulfillment include but are not limited to visibility of your orders in real-time, prompt support, real-time reporting, and more.

9. eFullfilment Service

A good thing about eFullfilment Service is – no minimums, no setup fees, and no long-term contracts. The company offers affordable warehouse storage and order fulfillment service. Its web-based software application allows you to check inventory, orders, and shipment on the go.

10. Deliverr

Deliverr offers transparent, all-inclusive fulfillment services cost. If you sell small items and looking for a company with affordable shipping, Deliverr can be your best bet. The company offers next-day delivery to eligible eCommerce companies.

Things You Should Consider When Comparing eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services

You did lots of research to pick one of the best eCommerce suppliers to get the best deal. In the same way, you should do your due diligence to pick the best fulfillment company for your online store. You cannot make a decision solely based on shipping costs.

Here are the top five things you should keep in the mind while comparing eCommerce order fulfillment companies:

1. Inventory Storage and Fulfillment Fee

Pricing can be a starting point to begin your research. So you should compare charges for storage and fulfillment to narrow down the best options.

2. Technology and Integrations

The eCommerce fulfillment process is complex but technology makes it easier. So you should go through the technological features of various order fulfillment companies to select a few options for consideration.

Also, fulfillment services companies should provide easy integrations with leading partners for shipping and shopping carts.

3. Multiple Fulfillment Centers

A company with a large fulfillment network can provide faster shipping services. So check how many centers the company has before making the final decision.

4. Fulfillment Time

The entire process of eCommerce fulfillment involves many steps. So make sure to go with a company that offers quicker fulfillment time.

5. Intitutiveness of Fulfillment Software

A successful fulfillment strategy requires you to make informed decisions based on data and analytics provided by the fulfillment platform.

Therefore, it is imperative to go with a company offering intuitive fulfillment software so you and your employees can easily leverage all the functions.

What is the Best eCommerce Fulfillment Company?

Picking the best eCommerce fulfillment company depends on what your requirements are. If your customers are in the US only, Deliverr can your best bet. But if you sell to a global audience, Fulfilment by Amazon or FedEx can meet your requirements well. eFullfilment Service is ideal for small online retail businesses and startups.

Qualify for discounts, special offers and more with a Business Prime account from Amazon. You can create a FREE account to get started today.

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