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As the biggest business networking and educational event for small business owners and entrepreneurs, SMALL BUSINESS EXPO – NEW YORK CITY will bring together industry experts and vendors. You will have the opportunity to learn the latest technologies, trends, systems, and processes to market your small business more effectively.

You will be able to shop for new products to grow your business and build new relationships with innovative vendors across a range of industries. This includes healthcare, finance, professional services, hospitality, social media marketing, web services, government, non-profit, and much more.

Click the red button and register to attend on June 24, 2022, from 10 AM-5:00 PM EST in New York City.


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Sales Acceleration SummitSales Acceleration Summit
May 12, 2022, Hollywood, FL

Learn Game-Changing Methods to Prospect, Pitch, & Close Like The Top 1% So You Can Create a High-Growth, High-Value Business Right Now. Join the Sales Acceleration Summit and unlock growth!

TECHSPO Atlanta 2022 Technology Expo (Internet ~ Mobile ~ AdTech ~ MarTech ~ SaaS)TECHSPO Atlanta 2022 Technology Expo (Internet ~ Mobile ~ AdTech ~ MarTech ~ SaaS)
June 30, 2022, Atlanta, GA

TECHSPO Atlanta is a two-day technology expo returning June 30th to July 1st, 2022 at the luxurious The Westin Peachtree Plaza Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. TECHSPO Atlanta brings together some of the best developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists looking to set the pace in our advanced world of technology.

New York City Small Business Expo 2022New York City Small Business Expo 2022
June 24, 2022, New York, NY

Small Business Expo is America’s Largest Business to Business Trade Show, Conference, Educational & Networking Event for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups. It is the most anticipated event of the year to take strategic action to immediately improve and grow your Small Business. If you are serious about starting or growing your business, Small Business Expo is a must-attend event for you. Register today, it’s FREE!

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grant funded by state farm offers economic support for small businesses

Small businesses can use various types of support when getting started or dealing with challenges. This may include direct grant funding or economic support through the community. A new grant funded by State Farm offers economic support to several communities throughout the U.S.

Read about that program and more small business grants below.

State Farm LISC Grant Partnership

State Farm is distributing grant funding through its partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. The national nonprofit community development organization focuses on boosting economic opportunities in underserved communities. And State Farm is supporting that mission with a new $2 million grant. Some of the funding will go toward general community development initiatives. But others may support businesses in the communities LISC serves through programs like financial opportunity centers and commercial corridors. This latest round of funding will focus resources in 12 metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, the Bay Area, Central Illinois, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Puget Sound.

Washington D.C. Medium Business Growth Fund

Washington D.C. recently launched its Medium Business Growth Fund to retain and expand business activity throughout the district. The program supports capital improvements, large equipment purchases, and tech enhancements. To qualify, businesses must have no more than 100 employees and generate less than $15 million in revenue annually. The fund focuses on businesses in four categories, including retail, local manufacturing, small business investment projects, and technology advancements. Both new and existing businesses can apply before the May 27 deadline.

Olean Marketing and Rent Grants

An Olean, New York grant program is supporting local small businesses with $100,000 in aid. Small businesses can apply for funds to cover various marketing costs like logo design, e-commerce, and advertising. The city is also offering an additional $100,000 grant program to help businesses with rent. Eligible companies can apply for grants that would cover up to 25 percent of their rent costs for up to two years. Businesses can apply for up to $5,000 under each program. There are multiple rounds to give businesses plenty of opportunities to apply. The first deadline is May 13, followed by additional rounds closing June 10, July 15 and August 12.

Landmarks Illinois Banterra Bank Preserve Southern Illinois Grant

Landmarks Illinois and Banterra Bank are partnering to create a new grant program in Southern Illinois. The Landmarks Illinois Banterra Bank Preserve Southern Illinois Grant will award grants to businesses that renovate or preserve historic buildings in the area. Individual grants may fall between $500 and $2500 and cover expenses over a two-year period. The first round is slated to launch this summer, and the deadline will be July 15.

Trinity County Small Business Grant Program

Trinity County, California is supporting small businesses affected by COVID-19 through a new grant program. Grants of up to $25,000 are available for businesses with between 6 and 20 employees. Businesses with between one and five employees can apply for up to $10,000. Additionally, businesses must be in operation since at least March 2020, have a physical location, and demonstrate financial loss due to COVID. The application is available online now.

PfCares Small Business Grant Program

Pflugerville, Texas is offering $920,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to support local small businesses. This is actually the second round of the PfCares Small Business Grant Program. But this time, there are less stringent eligibility requirements. For example, businesses without employees can apply, and more locations are eligible for funding. During the first round, 31 businesses received grants ranging from $20,000 to $75,000. This next round is expected to launch in May.

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house passes the sbdc improvement act of 2022

If the Senate approves the Small Business Development Centers Improvement Act of 2022 (HR6445), the program will be recharged with an increase of $40 million annually.

HR 6445 would reauthorize the 2019 SBDC Act (HR 4406) which would end in 2023. If approved by the Senate, HR 6445 would run through 2025.

HR 6445 – Houses Bill Boosts SBDC Funding by $40 Million

SBDCs are run by the Small Business Administration, in partnership with state and local governments and the private sector. Currently there are 900 of them nationwide.

Small business owners can use the expertise by people at SBDCs to get help developing business plans, securing financing, learning about ecommerce, marketing and planning growth.

The influx of additional monies would strengthen the existing network and allow for establishment of new SBDCs.

How does that help small business owners? The SBDC Improvement Act of 2022 has some interesting tweaks:

Fees from Private Partnerships or Co-sponsors

An SBDC which has a private partnership or co-sponsorship can collect fees related to the operation of such private partnerships or co-sponsorships. In other words, a small business which establishes such an agreement with the SBDC can collect fees for their work.

Matching Funds

Many grants require the applicant to provide matching funds. Typically, the matching funds are due when the federal money is received. That language is changed in HR 6445 to read “not due when federal funds are received but necessary for final reconciliation.” In other words, you wouldn’t have to match the funds up front, but would be required to do so to finalize the grant.

Data Collection Activities to be Reported

The SBA is to establish a Data Collection Working Group. Any recommendations are to be reported back to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Marketing Allowed

The SBDC may use up to 10% of its monies to do marketing to reach individuals and small business concerns.

Related Legislation, Women’s Business Center HR 6441, Passes House

The House also passed HR 6441. Women’s Business Center HR 6441 would authorize $31.5 million each year (2022-2025) to be received into the WBC program.

Sharice Davids, D-Kansas, sponsored both measures and serves as chairperson for both.

“Small businesses in every shape and form continue to feel the devastating effects of strong economic headwinds, from the highest inflation rate in 40 years to supply chain issues, to labor shortages that have left the nation with 10.9 million open jobs; small businesses are facing severe economic conditions,” Davids said, in her introductory remarks to the House’s Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, as the committee prepared to work on the bill. “When small business owners are able to plan with certainty and make calculated risks, our nation moves forward.”

Both pieces of legislation were passed in the House on April 26. For a bill to become law, it must be passed in the Senate and signed by the President.

HR 6441 Women’s Business Center is given a 20% chance to pass in the Senate.

HR 6445 SBDC Improvement Act of 2022 is given a 22% chance to pass in the Senate.

Why do both measures appear unlikely to pass? There are several bills currently in circulation regarding the SBDC and the WBC Acts. Although each bill is given a low chance of passing, the Senate may work to combine the related proposed legislation into one measure.

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