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A key part of the marketing process is getting the word out about your brand, and your best brand advocate is your staff. What’s the best way to encourage employees to talk up your companyTo find out, we asked members of YEC this question:

Q. Getting employees to help with company branding can be a huge boost for your business, so what is the best way to encourage employee participation without being demanding?

1. Take an organic approach

Create a culture where your business is not just a place to earn a paycheck, but a place where you grow, help the community, make friends, and have fun. By hosting a company charitable event, hosting a monthly employee contest, or serving hot chocolate on cold Fridays during the winter, you are giving employees natural opportunities to share what your business is about. —Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

2. Invest in branded apparel

One easy way to encourage employees to participate in branding is to invest in branded apparel. Our company gets branded T-shirts made every year to hand out at our company retreats. Make sure you’re investing in quality apparel so your employees will want to wear their shirts outside of work. You could also do pens, notepads, laptop stickers or covers, etc. —John Turner, SeedProd

3. Focus on being organic

Employees may feel their companies are being very intrusive to ask for shout-outs on social media. I know when people go home, they don’t want to think about work, so you should focus on being organic. For example, if you have a Halloween party and there’s a funny scene of people in costumes working at their desks, photos will wind up on your social media and you won’t even have to ask. —Derek BromanDiscount Enterprises LLC (DEGuns)

4. Set aside team-building time

Set aside team-building time to have employees help you detail out your brand. Come prepared with questions and ask individuals for their opinions and insights. “Whiteboard” responses, and build upon each other’s thoughts. Explain that each team member’s input and opinions are a vital component to your company’s brand and vital to the growth plan. —Stephen BeachCraft Impact Marketing

5. Treat employees like customers

Treat your employees like your customers and you’ll never go wrong. Think about it. Would you be demanding of your customers? Would you want them to be dissatisfied with your service or product? Obviously not on both these fronts, so if you’re providing access to the products or services that you promote, then inevitably a satisfied employee (customer) will promote it. —Zev HermanSuperior Lighting

6. Just send a simple email

Getting the word out in a simple company-wide email is a good way to allow people to feel that their contributions are appreciated but not forced. Openly calling people out to take action will do the opposite. —Nicole MunozNicole Munoz Consulting

7. Invite them to conferences and events

Conferences and networking events are naturally great opportunities for branding and interacting face-to-face, so to get employees more involved with branding, invite them along. These events will give them time to practice networking and they’ll learn how to get your company brand out there, plus they can further their education and have a fun outing to attend. It’s a win-win for everyone. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

8. Lead by example

Enthusiasm is contagious, so set the example by posting on your own social media. Enthusiastic employees will follow your lead and see the logic in helping the brand, i.e., the business. Stick to professional platforms like LinkedIn, and when you post, tag your employees. It will set the tone. If you are feeling really adventurous, check out the Twitter page of John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile—he definitely leads from the front. —Codie SanchezCodie Ventures LLC

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9. Appeal to their expertise and vanity

Have you ever been quoted as an expert, or featured on social media or in a news publication? It’s an awesome feeling! Now do the same thing with your employees and see what they might say about your company and the products it offers. Then make some nice visuals and content around this same input. You might be surprised at how much they go out of their way to share such a publication with others. —Zac

10. Invest in company culture

You need to play the long-term game and get the company culture right. By engaging with your employees, involving them in decision-making, and ensuring a cohesive team, you will have a team willing to promote your brand without even asking. Enthusiastic and passionate employees are the best brand ambassadors you could ever ask for. —Ismael WrixenFE International

11. Give them your products for free

If you have physical products that you sell and you want your employees to help market them on social media, you can give them products for free, just like you would an influencer. This will help your employees become more familiar with your products and then you can ask them to use a specific hashtag to help promote the hashtag and products. —Syed BalkhiWPBeginner

12. Set the expectation

When I bring on a new hire, I let them know right away what my values are as a CEO, how my employees and I act on those values, and my expectations for their energy and attitude in working toward accomplishing our goals. By letting them know this during their interviews, I’ve seen a distinct focus on and even excitement about our company values and culture from long-term employees. —Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production

13. Always make it a win-win

Have your employees reach out to the clients they are closest with and have helped the most for video testimonials. This will boost your company’s brand and the employee’s name as well. It allows for new customers to ask for this employee directly, so it’s not just good for you, it’s good for them too. Making something a win-win is the best way to approach any business scenario. —Jared WeitzUnited Capital Source

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The post Simple Tips on Transforming Employees Into Powerful Brand Advocates appeared first on Click for more information about YEC.

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I am looking for work from home in the Accounting field. I have twenty five years of experience and three years of college majoring in Accounting.
I live in Mobile Alabama
I had my own Accounting business in Virginia
If I can help you to balance your books ,
Work on line with Intuit please send me an email or call me
Cheryl Macaluso

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It’s no secret that sales funnels and content marketing strategies are becoming more automated than ever. As they do, the potential for misalignment between sales and marketing grows as well, potentially costing your company time, morale, and, most important, revenue.

But using sales enablement solutions with the support of smart technology puts the power back in your hands, improving the effectiveness of your sales team and process, and positively affecting your bottom line. Sales enablement is all about empowering your sellers with the support, resources, and systems they need to find and compel the right buyers. Most companies, for good reason, turn to their CRM for this purpose.

However, this system is not scalable, and it doesn’t often allow for the analysis and analytics that would optimize your sales process. It frustrates salespeople, makes for siloed content, and often excludes the 60% of content created by those outside the sales team. So what is the solution?

What is sales enablement technology?

The term “sales enablement technology” refers to a software or system that allows the sales team to access content that is relevant to their target consumer and appropriate for the consumer’s position in the sales funnel. Furthermore, it ensures that content related to training, support, and analysis is accessible to salespeople and their managers so they can learn and improve over time.

Effective sales enablement technology is also incredibly smart. It uses AI-powered analysis to determine what content is the most relevant and most likely to compel the target consumer at any given point, not just what marketing says belongs at that point in the funnel. By putting the consumer first, it also makes the sales process more intuitive and effective for that consumer, building brand trust.

One of the most important roles of sales enablement technology is its ability to fill gaps in your sales and marketing content strategy. By using smart analysis, it can offer data-driven recommendations to help you make your content pool more comprehensive. It can also offer suggestions as to which pieces of content should be reevaluated based on performance so that the consumer experience becomes even more seamless and intuitive. This allows you to review labor and budget spend, allocating more resources to filling gaps and promoting effective content.

How can sales enablement technology improve the consumer experience?

If your audience is serious about a purchase, you’re unlikely to be the only brand vying for their attention. Whether they’re actively speaking to other sales teams or simply browsing on social media, they will have content in front of them telling them why a competitor’s product or service is superior.

The right technology can help give you a competitive edge by identifying the most relevant content available and recommending the optimal time to introduce it in order to move customers through the funnel as smoothly as possible and to make sure you’re not wasting any opportunity for additional content touch points. Ninety-five percent of customers buy from someone who gave them content at every stage of the sales process; sales enablement technology can help you identify if you are missing any of that crucial content.

Points of friction in the user experience can be identified through both manual and AI analysis as enabled by the right technology. Inconsistencies in brand, poor conversions, and misunderstandings of a consumer’s needs and behaviors can all be identified, fixed, and monitored in a centralized and efficient system.

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How can sales enablement technology improve my sales team?

One of the biggest barriers in sales, particularly in high-value transactions, is a misalignment of sales and marketing. The tension between marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads is well documented. To avoid this conflict, sales enablement technology prevents siloed content and instead empowers the sales team to manage the process and the relationship with consumers. Instead of assuming that a piece of content is appropriate, each seller can confidently select the right content to share at the right time.

At its core, sales enablement solutions do exactly as the name implies: they enable sales. This means efficiency, training, and collaboration must all be prioritized in order to make the most of the technology. By integrating as many sales-related portals and platforms as possible, salespeople no longer need to look in multiple places for the content they need, regardless of its purpose. It is all right at their fingertips, allowing them to jump easily from instructional materials like playbooks and scripts to consumer-facing content. They can also contribute to the 60% of content that doesn’t come from marketing, growing the wealth of information for the team and for the purpose of data and analytics.

What should I look for when researching sales enablement technology?

Investment in sales enablement doesn’t automatically mean positive ROI; the solution has to be fit for purpose. So when selecting technology to implement, it’s important to remember its primary functions of integration and analytics. Does it align with your current CRM and other platforms? Can it seamlessly bring together your marketing and sales content in one place? Is it easy to access and navigate? Are there AI or machine learning programs in place to help you make the most of your investment? Can it both evaluate existing content and sellers, and identify gaps in the strategy? Does it provide content analytics to give you a better understanding of who is consuming what content. An effective sales enablement solution should answer “yes” to all of these questions.

Sales enablement technology has the power to transform your entire organization. Empowered sales teams work more efficiently and effectively. Optimized content strategies reduce friction in the experiences of both consumers and sales teams. But most importantly, identifying and rectifying areas that need improvement will result in more revenue.

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The post Supercharge Your Sales With the Help of Sales Enablement Technology appeared first on Click for more information about Brenda Stoltz.