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Check Out These 3 New Facebook Small Business Marketing Tools

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) launched a new small business product bundle this week. It’s designed to help the 90 million small businesses using it. The new products integrate on both Facebook and Instagram.

New Facebook Small Business Marketing Tools

Small Business Trends spoke with Nikila Srinivasan, Director of Product Management at Facebook.  She explained about the three new offerings.

Automated Ads

Automated Ads creates ads that can run across Instagram and Facebook.  Campaigns are created in four steps. First, small businesses can use existing images and business pages. Best of all, you can customize these to specific business goals.

It works like this. Facebook pulls in a small businesses’ Instagram and Facebook images. The SMB picks 6 from these. After that, the business picks a target market they can change later.  There’s also a recommended marketing plan and ongoing optimization.

“We do this optimization as time goes on so we can communicate back with the business,” Srinivasan says. “We can even make improvements for them on the back end.”

She explains the reason behind this.

“This was built for small businesses without the time or marketing expertise to think about these strategies . This is the product that’s going to do the heavy lifting for them.”

It’s important since most of Facebook’s 7 million active advertisers are SMB’s.

“One small business even calls it a co-pilot,” she says. “I thought that was a really appealing way to describe what this product does.”


Service-based small businesses will want to pay attention to this. Appointments allows you to accept and manage customer information. What’s more. they make appointments from their phones for free. You can even set reminders.  Srinivasan says Facebook launched this globally.

It’s an excellent addition for SMB’s like online freight brokers, digital marketing and a variety of consulting services. Having that kind of reach over several platforms is great for your bottom line.

Customers click the “book now” button to choose services . They can make the appointments right on the Facebook or Instagram page. As well, they can connect to a different site or have a Messenger conversation.

Video Creative Tools

These keep pace with the trend where video is increasingly important for marketing. These tools help build mobile phone videos in only minutes.

Choose from three tools. The first is automatic cropping. This changes the video to the right aspect ratio the advertiser chooses.

The second aspect is a manual trimming tool.

Srinivasan explains, “This allows an advertiser to take a 6o-second video and cut it down because we know that shorter videos tend to do really well.”

The third tool allows advertisers to add imaging and text overlays over video. This is excellent for your branding efforts. You can add logos and get boosted recognition.

Image: Facebook

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When you hire a new employee, their first month on the job often determines how well they will end up fitting in and succeeding at your organization. As their manager, it’s your job to ensure they have the tools and support they need to feel like a true part of the team.

To help you with this process, we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council the following question:

Q. What are some specific steps to make a new hire feel welcome and ensure their success during their first 30 days?

1. Set up their technology and orientation schedule prior to their arrival

On their very first day, welcome them by having their work area set up with their computer ready, necessary accesses granted, email set up, and anything else they need to get to work quickly. Schedule their day so they meet key people become oriented to their projects. Most importantly, make sure they know what success looks like in the first 30 days and how they can achieve it! —Monica Snyder, Birdsong

2. Give them a mentor

A great way to make a new hire feel welcome and ensure their success with your company is to give them a mentor. Pair them up with someone at your company whom they can shadow and learn from. Starting a new job can be intimidating, but giving a new hire a mentor they can look up to and turn to anytime they have a question or concern will make their first month more comfortable and successful. —Chris ChristoffMonsterInsights

3. Arrange a team lunch

When a new hire starts, we will usually arrange a team lunch so they can get to know the team outside of the office. It’s amazing to see how people loosen up and open up when they aren’t in the office. It gives them a chance to connect with colleagues on a personal level. They end up finding commonalities and interests with their peers, and those connections help them when starting out. —Joel MathewFortress Consulting

4. Set up individual meetings with their new colleagues

Any account and equipment should be ready for them before they step into the office. After a short welcome meeting with you, they should be introduced to each team member, and depending on the size of the team, have short one-on-ones to get a better understanding of what team members do. Having happy hour on their first Friday also can help them to get familiar and comfortable with the team. —Michael HsuDeepSky

5. Communicate daily

Check in with new employees every day during those first 30 days to see how they are doing, ask questions to let them know you are interested in getting to know who they are, and share some tips on things you have found are good to know or make work easier. —Angela RuthCalendar


6. Create a schedule for the entire month

New hires are often confused about what to do and when, so make them feel welcome and ensure their success by creating a schedule for them. Create a schedule for the entire first month on the job. Pencil in tasks they are to complete with due dates, one-on-one meetings with team members, training sessions, review or feedback meetings, and so on. They’ll do better when they know what to expect. —Blair WilliamsMemberPress

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7. Ask big questions to get to know them

There’s a lot going on during the first 30 days, but aside from the business stuff, get to know the person. You can do this by asking big questions—not just “where are you from” or “what’s your favorite football team,” but those that prompt them to share their experiences and who they are. Share your own answers and be a little vulnerable so they feel comfortable opening up. —Dan GoldenBFO (Be Found Online)

8. Create a welcome package

Put together a welcome package that includes some fun knickknacks for their desk, company swag, and an information packet to help them start things off on the right foot. It is fun to put a package together (the last hire is usually a good candidate for the job) and it makes the new hire feel like part of the team from day one. —James SimpsonGoldFire Studios

9. Let them know you have an open door policy

Like most things, communication is key. I like to schedule weekly meetings with new hires and their supervisor to ensure that they feel like they have all the help they need to get acclimated. Additionally, my door is always open. I don’t like the idea of being a CEO who is not accessible. Fostering a personal relationship with new hires makes us all better as team members. —Justin LefkovitchMirrored Media

10. Customize their onboarding process

You need to take a holistic approach. It’s essential to let your new hire know this is their chance to assess your business. By making it equal, you’re creating an environment where they can feel comfortable. The onboarding process should be customized to their specific role and department. Ensure they are given space to learn and ask questions. —Ismael WrixenFE International

11. Provide opportunities for questions and feedback

A new hire will almost always be hesitant to ask questions. By setting aside time at least once a week during their first month to ask questions and get honest feedback, communication will be high and there will be little room left for error later on. —Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production


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The post 11 Onboarding Strategies to Help New Hires Feel Welcome appeared first on Click for more information about YEC.

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Spotlight: Boring Meeting Insights Get an Upgrade with Team Meeting Software Hugo

Businesses can share a lot of information during meetings. But disseminating that information to all relevant team members after the fact can be tricky. That’s where Hugo comes in.

The software company offers a program that promotes active sharing of important business insights. You can learn about the tool and the company behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a software product for team meetings.

Co-founder and CEO Josh Lowy told Small Business Trends, “Hugo is team meeting note software that gives fast-growing companies a common platform for their team to save and share meeting insights, in real time.”

Business Niche

Promoting active sharing.

Lowy says, “Most documentation products on the market focus on providing a place for storing business knowledge. The problem with a ‘set and forget’ solution is that team alignment will never be solved if the information that everyone needs to stay on the same page is inaccessible and hard to find. Hugo is a solution for teams to actively share meeting insights in real time, becoming part of the fabric of collaboration. Hugo meeting notes power teamwork through notes that are shareable and actionable across the business.


Spotlight: Boring Meeting Insights Get an Upgrade with Team Meeting Software Hugo

How the Business Got Started

To promote better feedback within another organization.

Lowy explains, “Hugo was actually born out of solving a problem for ourselves while we were facing challenges building a totally different product. At the time, we were focused on meetings, but the solution revolved around meeting preparation for individuals.”

Biggest Win

Getting their first paying customer.

Lowy adds, “In an industry saturated with so many tools, seeing a business part with dollars, to solve a pain point that we could solve, was one of the most encouraging indicators that we were on to something.”

Biggest Risk

Switching to a completely different model.

Lowy says, “As much as I hate the connotations of the word ‘pivot’, choosing to discard the original iteration of Hugo and start from scratch building Hugo as it is today was undoubtedly our biggest risk. In retrospect, discarding a product with limited traction for a product that the market says it would use and pay for seems like an obvious decision, but the reality of building a product-based business like ours is that you always feel that ‘one more feature’ will get you there, so throwing away months of hard work feels unbelievably risky.”

Lesson Learned

Don’t wait to grow your customer base.

Lowy says, “In the beginning we over indexed on the product being able to solve all of our problems. I think if we started again, there would be more of an upfront focus on growth marketing. Early wins on the marketing side can help get the flywheel going even when the product isn’t at 100%.”


Spotlight: Boring Meeting Insights Get an Upgrade with Team Meeting Software Hugo

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Bringing in more talent.

Lowy explains, “Being a software company we’re turning ideas and hard work into tangible product. More brains and hands = more product, faster.”

Team Activity

Filling out a decision log.

Lowy adds, “Every week each member of the team logs a decision that they made, along with rational behind the decision and what the expected outcome is. We share our decisions in a weekly meeting and then review them again at a later date to compare the expected vs actual outcome.”

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Images: Hugo; Top Image: Josh Lowy; Bottom Image: Josh Lowy and co-founder Darren Chait

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When building a personal brand video content is key to increased visibility online. To achieve this it’s not only important to create compelling media that attracts an audience, but to also tailor topics for your target market. More than ever your audience is using YouTube as a search engine to find what they are looking for.

With the right headlines for your visual content a personal brand can tap into a much larger audience in their market. This will take just some minor adjustments to your copy with the use of catchy phrases that include the right keywords.

How can you effectively build your brand on YouTube? One way is to conduct research on the right topics for your audience. But you do not have to spend a lot of your budget to do this. YouTube includes a powerful search function in addition to conducting research through Google’s keyword suggestion tool.

Being aware of what your market is desiring and is attracted to will help your personal brand establish itself as an authority through video. Here’s how to craft the right headlines that attracts viewers who will want to stay and watch your videos to the very end.

How to publish great headlines for YouTube

Here are several ways you can start reaching a larger audience:

  • Optimize for search – Perform a search with a relevant word or phrase as it relates to your video. Google provides many different options to choose from and the level of competition for each word and phrase. You can also go to YouTube directly and enter your information there in your search bar, which also includes filters to narrow your results.
  • Keep it short – Avoid using too many words, and choose instead a clear, concise, and simple description that your audience will understand. Many of your viewers are using their mobile devices and you will want to keep this in mind. Catchy phrases are very effective in getting the viewer’s attention.
  • Get your audience engaged – People love to share their opinions, which is why polls are now so common — especially on social media. Ask your viewers’ opinion in order to engage them in the video and provide valuable insights you can use in your business.
  • Include a timely deadline – When people see a specific date they naturally want to find more. This can work for a historical reference as well as something coming in the future. By providing a deadline they will be more likely to read about why they should take action.

As video continues to grow in popularity, it is more important than ever to tap into the power of visual content marketing, and to make your personal brand stand out. Headlines that are optimized well for smart phones and tablets will attract more leads, and double your subscriber list as well.

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I am looking for work from home in the Accounting field. I have twenty five years of experience and three years of college majoring in Accounting.
I live in Mobile Alabama
I had my own Accounting business in Virginia
If I can help you to balance your books ,
Work on line with Intuit please send me an email or call me
Cheryl Macaluso