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What kind of resolutions did you make this year? Did you promise yourself to lose weight and exercise more? And more importantly, have you kept those resolutions?

How about some resolutions to help you sell better that are free of calories and require no gym visits?

Here are five resolutions for salespeople that you will be more motivated to keep, and they are good for business.

5 New Year’s resolutions for salespeople

1. I resolve to do more thinking this year

Some people mistake motion or action for results—and that’s what they measure. Managers will measure number of sales calls, not the planning or research that went into the execution of the sales call.

Thinking, however, is as important to sales success as the actions you do to sell. Sales calls are more likely to be successful when you think and plan before the sales call. And after the sales call, more thinking is needed as well.

When you thoughtfully address what went well, you have the opportunity to repeat it. When you think and identify what went poorly, you can fix it and avoid doing it again. You only get to learn from your failures when you’ve thought about them and figured out what went wrong.

2. I resolve to listen more

Who are the best salespeople? They’re not the best talkers. The best salespeople are the best listeners . . . by far!

The best salespeople listen with both their ears and eyes. Their better listening skills gets them more information that they can use to sell effectively. They notice facial expressions to tell them when their customer is concerned. They hear hesitation in a customer’s voice to notice a lack of commitment to a current supplier. They listen for reporting relationships to determine who has buying power and influence.

When you combine “listening more” with “listening better,” you’ll see how your selling gets better results.

3. I resolve to take better care of myself

Are you last in line when it comes to caring for your customers, your family and friends, and yourself? What brings you joy? Is it walking, relaxing, or do you even know? If you haven’t thought about what makes you happy, go back and reread the first resolution. If you know what brings you joy, how often are you doing what makes you happy?

Now is the time to start setting goals to start taking care of yourself. And then learn to say no to anything that is outside of your goals. You are as important as your customers. You are the only one who will take the time to care for you.

4. I resolve to stay away from energy vampires

Why are certain people not as happy for you as they are for themselves? Because they are energy vampires. These are the people who can suck the joy out of anyone, including you. Energy vampires are everywhere, and if you’re in sales, your job is to spot them and avoid them.

Selling is a tough profession where you are responsible for getting and staying motivated, despite any setbacks. Energy vampires make your work that much harder. If you can avoid them, your work will get easier because they won’t be distracting you.

5. I resolve to try something new

Even salespeople who always achieve their goals should try new things. Why? Because what you’re doing now may not be the best way to accomplish your objectives. Plus, it’s also boring to do the same things over and over again.

Business conditions have changed after the pandemic. If you’ve always networked, try prospecting another way. If you always open a sales call with the same question, try a new one. Never asked for a referral? Try asking. Who knows? A new idea may produce results that go beyond your expectations.

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