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wifi marketing

WiFi marketing works with what’s often called guest Wi-Fi. It’s where a small business offers a free connection in retail locations and other places. Then, they use that connection for marketing campaigns like promotions and messages.

WiFi marketing allows shoppers to gain access to the whole web. Or just your mobile app and online store. Some guest network sites show specific content before they grant WiFi access.

Read on to find out more about WiFi marketing solutions.

What is WiFi Marketing?

This is also free WiFi provided in a store to get contact information to build a customer profile. Customers are prompted to fill out a survey, supply an email address, or give other info.

How does WiFi marketing work?

Wifi marketing is all about making a guest WiFi hotspot an automatic marketing platform. You provide guest wifi to enhance the customer experience. In return you get analytics to build profiles and track visits. The number of visits, purchases and other metrics get included.

11 Ways WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

This tool can be a revenue-driving marketing machine. Set up a splash page to drive revenue. That’s the way to let prospects in.

Scent marketing can be controlled through WiFi marketing too. Below you’ll find other ways this tool boosts your existing customers.

1. Increases Customer Satisfaction with Free WiFi

Wifi connection guests are more apt to buy when the internet sign on is free. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a splash page. Make it user friendly and include tabs to social media accounts. This is the gate that allows prospects in.

2. Makes Customers More Likely to Spend Money with WiFi Access

Convenience makes a big difference. Customers save on data usage. They’re likely to spend. Make your network faster than the one they pay for. It’s another way to open their wallets.

3. Collects Customer Data and Gains Valuable Insights

WiFi access points get customers engaged. A small business gets powerful marketing data and customer analytics in return. These detailed customer profiles help with marketing.

4. Kick Starts Email Marketing

Having your customers use your guest WiFi a great way to get them to opt in for email marketing. Remember to nurture your customer relationship by providing valuable content and not just product offers.

Another way this tool is miles ahead of the old phone based on hold marketing.

5. Increases Your Online Presence

Offering free WiFi to customers increases your digital footprint too. For example, restaurants can use Instagram to get more social media followers to promote specials.

6 . Increases Customer Loyalty with Free Guest WiFi

Repeat customers is the name of the game. Increase customer loyalty by setting up a loyalty program. Discounts work well.

7. Attracts More Customers to Your Business

With a physical location, you need to consider day to day traffic that comes in . And one of the benefits of offering WiFi is more foot traffic and even more sales.

8. Gets More Online Reviews (and Better Reviews!) from WiFi Users

Better digital word of mouth means less churning customers and good sales. Get guests connected quickly with a good wifi login. Then ask for a review to improve online ratings.

9. Promotes Your Brand with Targeted Ads

Relevant ads promoting your own brand are sent to phones. Online ads can target devices from shared routers. Providing internet access in your store means you can display relevant ads to laptops and tablets too.

10. Improves Customer Engagement

Local businesses need to engage at risk customers. Guest data you put together will tell you what promotional material works. And what they generally buy.

11. Offers Sell and Upsell Promotions

Up selling through your guest WiFi promotions helps to increase your sales. Try personalizing your sales recommendations through the customer information you have. Use targeted email campaigns.

How much does WiFi marketing cost?

Social WiFi is big in places like the restaurant industry. There’s lots of software to choose from. A comparison has free trials. And prices ranging from $25 per month up to over $4,ooo.

How to Get Started with WiFi Marketing

There’s more to getting started with marketing WiFi than throwing together a splash page and some video ads. Here’s the steps involved.

  1. Choose a credible ISP.
  2. Choose a plan that offers the most bandwidth and speed at an affordable price.
  3. Set up your network with a secure password. Don’t forget encryption.
  4. Alert your customers with some kind of digital signage

WiFi Marketing Software

Choosing the right WiFi marketing automation platform is next. Look for software that helps with marketing campaigns. Products that can automate surveys are good. Look for features like exportable marketing lists too.

Bloom Intelligence

This is the WiFi marketing platform that offers excellent features like guest dwell time. It’s a good way to find new customers.


This tool helps restaurants, coffee shops and bars turn their guest Wi-Fi into analytics they can use. Small businesses can take advantage of webinars and live online training.

Facebook WiFi

Use an existing Facebook WiFi network to get started here. Other social media logins like Instagram shares your biz profile, target ads as you gain customer insights.


Create a wifi network where the visitor numbers are counted and monitored. That prevents overcrowding and increases customer loyalty.


This guest WiFi solution is used by names like Hewlett-Packard and Subway. Brick-and-mortar locations can track the average number of customers who visit their store daily. Get detailed wifi analytics and mobile coupons.


You’ll get automated email marketing campaigns asking guests for a rating after their first visit. This tool automatically increases your followers on social media.

WiFi Garden

This guest WiFi tool doesn’t interrupt browsing with ads. Create banners to keep customers coming in from templates. Or you can create your own.

Tripadvisor WiFi

This guest WiFi is designed for restaurants. Patrons in these brick and mortar businesses go a page and enter their info. A notification asks them to publish a review.

They get free WiFi and your business gets data on their habits.

Image: Depositphotos

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Building a personal brand is all about capturing attention. If you work in a “boring” industry, it can be tough to communicate the key benefits that differentiate you from competitors. Especially when you work in an industry that’s not usually the topic of conversation or trending on social media.

Take the VoIP industry, a very boring industry. It’s hard to make VOIP stand out or make it “sexy”. People don’t usually turn to VoIP companies for engaging content, actionable educational or entertainment. But with the right attitude and the ability to produce quality content, leaders even in the boring Cloud VoIP industry can gain recognition and build an audience. (I’ll show you a real life example in bullet #1 below).

In this article I’ll show you real examples of how to capture your target market’s attention, convert them into stark raving fans, and build your personal brand even when you’re in a boring industry.

Ready? Let’s roll!

1. Be Bold. Be Authentic. 

Wallflowers and shrinking violets don’t build brands. People who are bold and enthusiastic do. For executives looking to make their mark and build a brand, being a hands-on, in the trenches type of person translates into authentic experience.

You don’t want to be the kind of exec that takes all the credit and not know how anything works. If your team does the heavy lifting while you get the kudos but you can’t explain how your widget works, then people are not going to respect your opinion.

Someone who shows they know what they are doing and can express their “Why” is going to be more authentic.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and share it, even if it happens to touch on the politics of the day. If it is earnest, authentic and well-thought-out—not some emotionally charged overreaction—then boldly proclaim it and let the discourse begin. That is what builds engagement, followers, and brands. 

Those who take a position and confidently support their way of thinking are more likely to stand out 

People value leaders who are confident and don’t flip-flop on their beliefs just to appease the masses. Sure, some feathers may get ruffled, but how many low-key, wishy-washy executives can you name? Exactly. You can’t name many because they don’t stand out and nobody knows who they are.

2. Share Actionable Expertise

Just because your industry isn’t interesting doesn’t mean no one is interested. You can still share your knowledge and expertise to build your brand. Take Ryan Stewman, the sales and marketing expert who runs a sales training called The Hardcore Closer.

Ryan gained a loyal following talking about lead generation. He has built a multi-million dollar business by taking what has worked for him, sharing it, and monetizing it.

Ryan was on the cutting edge of using social media and videos to promote himself and connect with people when he started in sales. Because of his success, he started to teach other salespeople how to use social media to connect with people and use tools for lead generation. 

He built a lead generation software company called Phonesites that helps salespeople create their own sales funnels. He offered free training on Facebook live and produced free content in the form of articles and training videos.

Sharing his expertise helped grow his personal brand which has allowed him to scale into other successful business ventures. He’s doing it right.

Chris the founder of SalesMessage is another great example. He has been using SMS texting to communicate with anyone who contacts their business or even subscribes to their webinars, events, or blog. 

He shares actionable tips, tricks and information while trying to covert some of the leads who contact him and gets a whopping 70% response rate on SMS texts. He recently shared the complete set of sample text messages to send to customers on his blog. He engages his potential customers and build his following.

But, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in personal branding is to be and act like someone you are not. You will eventually be outed, caught, or exposed. 

When building a personal brand, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or have expertise when you don’t.

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of the once highly-touted blood-testing startup Theranos, was once the darling of Silicon Valley. She was seen as an influencer and visionary in the same vein as Steve Jobs.

Theranos WAS Elizabeth Holmes and her personal brand of being a healthcare wunderkind carried the firm. Unfortunately for many people, the whole company and the whole story was a massive fraud. She faked her expertise and knowledge, the company was exposed and now it is no more.

A personal brand built on lies and half-truths will come back to bite you.

3. Be the MVP of Value

If you want to really stand out, you must be useful and add maximum value at all times. Do this by offering free info, training, and content about your industry and share that info while speaking at events and on podcasts.

We’re talking about sharing real expertise, not just thoughts or opinions, but practical knowledge that comes from actually having done the work.

Jack Kosakowski kills it here. Jack has been providing actionable social selling advice and content for over 5 years. With his SkillsLab social selling site, he has been helping salespeople to increase their presence through social media and how to correctly connect with—and sell to—their target clients. 

Value comes from experience. Jack has churned out content on social media, his blog, publications like The Harvard Business Review, and on podcasts—continually sharing what has worked for him, and how it took him from a newbie salesperson to the CEO of the US division of a Global Digital Agency.

4. Stop Selling and Build Trust Instead

Look, you don’t need to be Billy Mays or the ShamWow guy, pitching and promoting all day while operators are standing by. Constantly pushing product is exhausting. But talking and engaging with people in your own voice—your true self—and showing them how to succeed with examples and actionable ideas will build trust.

When you let people see the real you, trust is built and your brand strengthens and attracts new prospects.

Trust isn’t built by speaking AT people. It’s built by engaging and speaking WITH with your audience.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. And that’s usually not the guy with the bullhorn shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” Differentiate yourself by sharing knowledge from real-world experience in an authentic, engaging way that creates value and trustworthiness. This will build your personal brand.

When someone needs to seek out info in your industry, you will be top-of-mind because you will be the rockstar of your “boring” industry. They will come to you for the value you provide because you’ve built trust due to engagement, value, and expertise. 


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Thanks a lot for sharing the list of free resources to run home-based businesses. When it comes to the website, the design of the site always matters a lot. And to present any product, or to show the specifications of the products, most websites are preferring images, as it is easy for the users to understand. And the most crucial part is that used images should have a small size, but at the same time, its quality should not be compromised. Here I would like to recommend a tool,, to resize, crop, rotate and flip images in real-time.

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The best work shoes for women are comfortable and chic. Different occupations will of course call for different shoe types. The best work shoes for the restaurant might not be a good option for the construction site. The best shoes for office work might not be a good fit if you work in a restaurant, and so on. It is therefore critical that you make sure you get the most comfortable work shoes for women for your type of work. If you are in construction, for instance, you need a durable shoe with a steel toe cap that can protect your feet from heavy rolling objects. A non-slip outsole is a great ally to have if you work on wet or slippery surfaces.

Finding the right work shoes can be a daunting task, so we did our homework to bring you some of the best work shoes for women.

Best Work Shoes for Women

New Balance Women’s Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe

New Balance Women's 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe

Top Pick: If you are looking for work shoes for women that win at both comfort and style you will certainly appreciate these New Balance work shoes. These work shoes for women are designed to deliver all-day comfort while giving you the confidence you need to get the job done. An alloy toe cap will keep your feet safe from falling or rolling objects.

New Balance Women’s 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe

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Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

Skechers Women's Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

Runner Up: These sporty-looking work shoes are specially designed for people in the foodservice industry, and it’s easy to see why. First, it is super lightweight and uses breathable upper mesh material that allows for good air circulation. The flexible synthetic sole provides good protection from electric hazards while the memory foam insole ensures you get extra cushioning for the best comfort.

Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

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Shoes for Crews Women’s Work Sneaker

Shoes for Crews Women's Liberty Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

Best Value: Enjoy freedom from discomfort with this lightweight, ventilated, and water-resistant work shoe. It uses an exclusive anti-slip technology that assures you of a sturdy foot grip even when walking on slippery surfaces. A low-cut design provides good ankle movement. This is certainly one of the best work shoes for women who are on a budget.

Shoes for Crews Women’s Liberty Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker

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Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog , Work Shoes, Nurse Shoes, Chef Shoes

This clog is certainly designed for on-the-job comfort. It is certainly a perfect ally if you are in the foodservice, hospitality, or healthcare sector. They are light and supportive enough to get you through even the longest work shifts. These clogs are super easy to clean and also use slip-resistant treads so you can comfortably go along with your work without having to worry so much about slips.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Clog | Work Shoes, Nurse Shoes, Chef Shoes

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Fila Women’s Memory Workshift

Fila Women's Memory Workshift-w

The best work shoes for women provide great comfort without sacrificing protection and performance. This Fila work shoe for women comes with a lot of desirable characteristics including a slip-resistant outsole that will keep you from slipping when walking on slippery floors. The upper part of the shoe is constructed of durable leather with synthetic overlays.

Fila Women’s Memory Workshift-w

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Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer

Clarks Women's CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer

The Sillian Paz is without a doubt one of the best shoes for office work. It comes with a removable cushion soft with an ortholite footbed, a soft fabric lining, and a shock-absorbing EVA outsole. The loafer design makes it super easy to wear and remove.

Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer

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Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women - Nursing - Chef - Waterproof Non-Slip Pro Shoes

With these waterproof work shoes for women, you can comfortably work in wet environments without getting wet. A shock absorber and anti-torsion system will protect your body from high-impact shocks while the non-slip outsole will keep you protected even on extra slippery floors. The footbed is made of absorbent materials that will keep your foot dry all day long.

Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women – Nursing – Chef – Waterproof Non-Slip Pro Shoes

Buy on Amazon


What to Look for When Buying Work Shoes for Women

The shoes that you wear contribute greatly to your productivity. Your preferred pair should go beyond the aesthetics. Comfort should always come first when looking for the best work shoes for women. Here are a couple of things that every woman should know when looking for good work shoes.

  • Comfort: This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Check out the cushioning, fitting, and width. Synthetic or fabric padding will protect your feet from strain. The right fitting is also certainly important. If the shoe is too large or too small, it can cause blisters or cram your toes.
  • Work Environment: Think about your day-to-day tasks. If you spend long periods on your feet, you certainly need a well-cushioned shoe with a rubber sole. If you work in construction or a factory where there are risks of rolling or falling objects then make sure you get shoes that are fitted with steel toe caps. If you work in environments where spills are a common occurrence then you should consider getting waterproof shoes.
  • Durability: Most work shoes will be exposed to intense daily activities. You certainly need to go for durable and dependable shoes that won’t give up on you after a few days.
  • Heels:  While heels look pretty elegant especially for corporate attires, they can be difficult to wear daily. If you have to wear heels, go for the 1 – 2 inch heels which are fairly tolerable for daily use. Anything taller than that can lead to pain and discomfort. Wedge heels are also a nice alternative as they evenly balance the pressure on the foot.
  • Ventilation: Despite its importance, this is often one of the most overlooked features. Ensure your preferred shoe uses the right design and material that promotes good air circulation which will keep your feet dry even when engaging in intense activities.



Image: amazon

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Thanks a lot for sharing the list of free resources to run home-based businesses. When it comes to the website, the design of the site always matters a lot. And to present any product, or to show the specifications of the products, most websites are preferring images, as it is easy for the users to understand. And the most crucial part is that used images should have a small size, but at the same time, its quality should not be compromised. Here I would like to recommend a tool,, to resize, crop, rotate and flip images in real-time.

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how to start a youtube channel

Starting a Youtube channel is an exciting way to earn money while creating valuable content for followers. Running a successful YouTube channel entails several different things, including using high-quality equipment, engaging with followers, and building your online presence. We’ll go through how to start a YouTube channel and make money from it for this article.

Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

There are many reasons why you should start a YouTube channel, and it can add a lot of value for you. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should consider starting a YouTube channel.

  1. Earn money: A YouTube channel can be a good source of income, and you can start earning money through making videos.
  2. Build your brand: If you’re just starting to build a digital social media presence, a YouTube channel is a great way to reach your target market and create a web presence for your brand.
  3. Content distribution method: Videos are one of the most effective ways to deliver and distribute content and make more of an impact with users.
  4. More personal: If you’re looking to connect with followers on a deeper level and establish a personal connection, a brand account for your YouTube helps with that.

How Much Money do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel?

How much money you invest in starting a YouTube channel depends on what kind of equipment you get. Video equipment can cost anywhere from $1,o00, and up based on what you purchase. So before you create a YouTube channel, researching equipment such as cameras, mics, ring lights, and more can help you budget for your new channel.

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money for Beginners: 17 Simple Steps

If you’re ready to join the ranks of successful YouTubers with your own channel, this is a great time. We’ll highlight some key tips to keep in mind for your YouTube videos and help position your YourTube channel for maximum success.

1. Sign Up for a YouTube Account

Before you start creating videos, you’ll first need to sign up for a YouTube account. You will need a Google account to do so, and it’s a quick and easy process to create your channel.

2. Create a New YouTube Channel

Once you’ve created your YouTube account, you’ll create a new YouTube channel by clicking on your profile picture on the top of the screen. You’ll see two options, one for a personal channel and a business channel. The key difference between the two is that a personal account is meant for one individual, while a business channel allows multiple devices to log in and manage the YouTube brand account.

3. Choose a Niche and Know Your Target Audience

Now that your channel is ready, it’s time to start thinking about content. Think about what kind of videos you want to create and who would benefit the most from watching your YouTube video. Establishing a niche is crucial for attracting followers and ensuring that your audience will engage with your content. There are many YouTube channel business ideas, and choosing the right niche will help start on the right foot.

4. Brand Your Channel

YouTube has a lot of options once you click ‘Customize channel,’ so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of it all. Think of a channel name and add channel art, including materials such as adding a channel banner image, cover photo, channel icon, profile picture, and a video watermark on your YouTube content.

5. Fill in the About Section

The About section is essentially a channel description and how viewers find your channel when using search engines. Based on your niche and content, you can write a succinct description that tells viewers who you are and what your YouTube videos will focus on.

Some important points to include:

  1. Your name
  2. Background
  3. Expertise
  4. Location
  5. Brief video content description
  6. Add links to other social networks you are on

6. Purchase the Necessary Equipment

Video production equipment will play a significant role in the success of your YouTube channel since they help increase the quality of videos.

Consider purchasing equipment such as:

  1. A high-quality camera
  2. Good microphone
  3. Ring light and additional lighting
  4. Video editing software
  5. Tripod
  6. Additional lens
  7. Laptop or computer
  8. Additional memory cards and storage

7. Download Editing Software

Editing software is a necessary tool for any YouTube video, which is why it’s important to invest in it before you begin to upload videos. Editing software helps make your videos smoother, cleaner and removes fillers, gaps, or errors that might occur during shooting. You can also use video editing software to add visual elements and background music as needed.

Popular video editing software include:

8. Create a Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is a short snippet video that tells viewers more about your content. For example, you can include clips from your first videos or record a small clip where you welcome users to your YouTube channel and tell them more about yourself. If you’re not sure how to create a channel trailer, you can look at other YouTube channels and other YouTubers for inspiration.

9. Start Creating YouTube Videos and Post Your First Video

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to record your first video! Make sure to structure it out beforehand on what you want to cover, how long you want to talk about the topic, and where you’ll be filming. Once you’ve finished recording, you’re ready to upload your first video!

10. Optimize Your Channel for Search and SEO

After uploading your videos, it’s essential to make your content easier to find. YouTube search results are often difficult to decode, but the goal is to optimize parts of your video to make it search engine friendly and capture prime real estate in search results.

Title: Make sure your video title is clear and descriptive around the content the video contains

Tags: Tag your video with relevant tags to make the content discoverable when users search for specific things

Relevant Keywords: Identify and include target keywords related to your content in your title and video descriptions

11. Create a Content Plan

Having a regular upload schedule will help increase your subscriber count, and a content plan helps accomplish that. Map out your posting schedule for at least 1-2 months in advance, including when what topics you want to cover, when you’ll record, and when videos need to be edited and uploaded.

12. Post Regular Video Content

To ensure users engage with your content, post a new video regularly. Users want to see fresh and relevant content, and it’s what encourages them to subscribe and engage with you when you create a YouTube channel.

13. Study Your Analytics

YouTube gives you valuable data on how your video is performing and who your demographics are. Studying this data and creating content accordingly is another way to increase your subscriber count. It can also give you insight into the best times to post for your audience to increase engagement and will help you build your YouTube channel further.

14. Set Your Channel Up for Monetization

One of the most common questions is how much do YouTubers make? And the answer varies greatly based on subject, the number of viewers and subscribers to name a few. There are a few different ways to earn revenue with a YouTube channel. The first method is to work with brands to create sponsored content and affiliate programs. Every time users use your link to purchase, you will get a commission. The other way to earn revenue is through YouTube monetization. Essentially, you can make money every time users view YouTube ads while watching your video. You can go into YouTube settings to program YouTube ads to appear before or during your video, and you earn a percentage when someone watches the ads.

However, YouTube monetization comes with some requirements. You must live in a region where the YouTube partner program is available, and your channel must be in good standing. Your videos must also have a certain amount of public watch hours (about 4,000) in the last year, and you must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

15. Engage with Your Audience

Building your YouTube community helps you get the most success from your channel. Engaging with your audience creates a connection with them, which increases views, likes, comments, and subscriptions. You can engage with your audience by responding to their video comments, asking them questions during the video they can answer in comments, and creating a space for users to interact with one another.

16. Get Social

Success on YouTube is very much dependent on your presence on other social media platforms. You can promote your videos and channel using social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram and use social media management tools to automate posts. You can also write a blog post about your video and upload it to your site as another way for users to find it. Collaborating with YouTube influencers is also another way to optimize your social networks.

17. Build Your Audience and Have a Successful YouTube Channel

Building your audience and creating a successful YouTube channel is all about regularly uploading, engaging with your YouTube community, and creating relevant content your subscribers enjoy. You can also look at other creators and similar videos to get inspiration and understand how to improve your channel to make it as successful as possible.

Image: Depositphotos

This article, “How to Start a YouTube Channel” was first published on Small Business Trends