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Dropbox Paper Timelines Promise More Organized Project Management

With many businesses now relying on remote and freelance workers, Dropbox is offering a new tool to help keep people working together on important projects while letting team leaders keep track of which team members are responsible for individual tasks.

Dropbox Paper Timelines has been designed to allow your team members to create a visual representation of what is taking place, and who is responsible for any given action. By mapping out all of the steps of a project, everyone can stay on the same page.

This type of technology is now more important than ever for small businesses because of the way work is dispersed among workers located across town from one another, across the  country or even around the world. Freelancers and remote workers have made project management solutions a necessity for keeping tabs on all the moving parts of a project.

CEO and Creative Director Grace Soohye Moshfegh of webdesign and marketing agency Superdigital explains how important it is to have the features Dropbox Paper Timelines provides for streamlining business processes.

On the official Dropbox blog Moshfegh goes on to say, “Instead of simply tracking tasks, our agency can now use Dropbox Paper timelines to combine our production schedule and task management process in one place, so there’s no more bouncing between applications to determine where we stand.”

Depending on the project, Timelines can also be used to share where a particular project stands with your clients and partners for comprehensive collaboration with all interested parties.

Dropbox Paper Timeline Features

According to Dropbox, Timelines is going to allow organizations and their teams to map out every step of a project with the goal of allowing everyone to know what is taking place at all times.

This is made possible by letting team members easily create timelines which show parts of a project by simply clicking and dragging. These timelines can be customized with different colors to better organize the information.

Once the timeline has been established, the creator can assign team members for each task. This includes setting dates to ensure when a particular task needs to be finished as well as holding the person responsible for making it happen.

While the task is being carried out, you can also add notes to keep everyone updated on the latest developments. You can also add links to supporting documents if additional resources are needed.

Timelines lets you see the entirety of a project from beginning to end. This can include a view of just one week or an entire year which makes it possible to be as broad or focused when looking at a project as you choose.

Why Use Project Management Tools?

At its most basic, if a project management tool is used properly it will ensure you deliver for your clients in the most efficient way possible.

Having a solid project management solution in place will ensure any project you tackle will have strategic goals which align with those of your business and the customers you serve.

The type of visibility a project management tool provides allows businesses to keep an eye on the big picture as well as small details, thus avoiding costly revisions later.

You can start using Timelines now in Dropbox Paper. If you don’t have Paper you can get it for free here.

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Having a good education is one of the first steps of having a good career. In order to find out the colleges that CEOs attended, Kittleman Search made a study with 500 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. In this study, the company tried to identify the schools that produced the most CEOs. First, the undergraduate schools that each CEO went has been found and then, these schools were categorized whether they were public or private.

According to this list, the first five schools that produce the most CEOs are University of Wisconsin with 14 CEOs, Harvard University with 12 CEOs, Cornell University with 10 CEOs, University of Michigan with 8 CEOs and Stanford University with 7 CEOs. It is also interesting to see that 18 CEOs did not attend any universities at all. Also, 56 of these Fortune 500 CEOs attended universities outside of the US. 213 of these CEOs went to public universities and the remaining 213 CEOs out of 500 went to private universities. Also, 9.2% of these CEOs attended Ivy League schools.

Besides Fortune 500 companies, Kittleman also searched for the most successful non-profit leaders to find out the schools that they have attended. The top 5 schools that produced the most non-profit leaders are Yale University with 4 CEOs, Georgetown University with 3 CEOs, Princeton University with 3 CEOs, State University of New York (SUNY) with 2 CEOs and University of Wisconsin with 2 CEOs. 55 leaders went to private universities whereas 32 leaders went to public universities. This score is a little bit different compared to Fortune 500 CEOs which was a tie. Finally, 15% of these leaders attended Ivy League universities.

If you want to see the full study, you can visit this link.

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