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I respectfully disagree. I know many people who have started writing without experience or training; myself included. A positive mindset is one of the biggest factors in your success. 😊 If you enjoy writing, jump in and start doing it. The more you write, the better you get.

Another writer who started without experience is Danny Margulies; he chronicles his success in this interview:

Here is a huge list of paid writing gigs, and they pay more than $5 per hour:

Wishing you all the best on your journey!

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Cool info, hope you find helpful! really good info on working from home… Click To see More About this.

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As another year comes a close, we here at wanted to share a roundup of our 20 most popular small business and entrepreneurship articles from the past year.

If 2019 is the year you plan to finally take the plunge and start that small business you’ve always dreamed of owning—or you want to take your existing small business to the next level—consider these informative articles required reading to inspire and inform you:

1. The Complete 35-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

By Richard Harroch. Starting your own business can be thrilling and exciting, but also daunting. If you are considering launching a startup, check out these 35 invaluable tips covering all areas of business.

2. 16 Key Issues in Negotiating an Employment Severance Package

By Richard Harroch. In an uncertain economy, you may at some point face having your employment terminated. Learn how to negotiate a reasonable severance package, especially if you have an existing employment agreement.

3. 10 Expert Social Media Tips to Help Your Small Business Succeed

By Gerri DetweilerSocial media can feel overwhelming, especially to the already stretched-in-a-million-directions entrepreneur. Small business experts share strategies to nurture a successful presence on social media.

4. Five Steps to Building a Million-Dollar Business With No Employees

By Gerri Detweiler. There are nearly 25 million “one-person” businesses in the United States, and more than 36,000 of them bring in seven figures or more annually. Here’s how to start your own.

5. Traditional Business Plan vs. Lean Startup Plan: Which Is Best When Starting Your New Business?

By Deborah SweeneyDid you know that business plans come in not one, but two categories? If you’re not sure about the type of plan to draft for your startup, read on.

6. 18 Newsletters That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

By Gerri Detweiler. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of free email newsletters that can help you learn everything you need to know to grow your business. Small business owners and marketing pros share their favorites.

7. A Guide to Venture Capital Financings for Startups

By Mike Sullivan and Richard D. Harroch. Entrepreneurs will be better prepared to obtain venture capital financing if they understand the process, the anticipated deal terms, and the potential issues that will arise.

8. Do You Really Need a Business Plan to Start a Business?

By Rieva LesonskyIf you’re thinking about starting a business without a business plan, learn five reasons why you need a business plan to succeed.

9. Warning Signs Your Company May Be Failing

By Piers Ede. There can be a very thin line between a company that’s failing and one that’s having a temporary setback. If you’re experiencing more than a few of these warning symptoms, it’s time to get help.

10. Don’t Waste Time on a Startup Business Plan—Do These 5 Things Instead

By Richard Harroch. Based on my experience, business plans for startup companies are usually not worth the effort. Learn what you should be focusing on instead to grow your business.

11. Marketing and Sales Teams at Odds? Bring Them Together by Following These 5 Steps

By Brenda StoltzWhen there’s a disconnect between sales and marketing, how can you ensure the two align for the good of the company?

12. Five Surprising Facts About Small Business Marketing

By Brian SutterThink you know small business marketing? Think again. Here are some fun facts to list off the next time you want to sound smart at a meeting—or the next time you want to adjust your marketing strategy.

13. Who Are Today’s American Entrepreneurs? A Snapshot of U.S. Small Business Owners

By Rieva Lesonsky. From Silicon Valley to Main Street U.S.A., who exactly are we talking about when we talk about America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners? See if you find yourself described here.

14. Five Hot Social Media Trends Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of

By Brian Sutter. Keeping up with the latest social media trends can be a challenge, so marketing expert Brian Sutter did the research for you by tracking the top trends that will impact small businesses in the coming year.

15. How to Revive a Failing Small Business

By Robyn Howard. Your business may be hurting, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to throw in the towel. There are positive steps you can take to breathe new life into a failing company.

16. 10 Soul-Healing Quotes for the Weary Entrepreneur

By Martin Grunburg. If you’re facing today loaded down with seemingly soul-crushing business challenges, these wise words can provide the “mind-and-soul tonic” needed to inspire your waning entrepreneurial confidence and enthusiasm.

17. Should You Incorporate as a Sole Proprietor or LLC?

By Deborah Sweeney. If you need a little help determining which legal structure is the best type for your small business, read on.

18. Seven Ways the U.S. Government Helps Small Businesses

By Brian Sutter. Whether you need a loan for your startup or seek expert advice on how to hire, there are many resources available from the government to help you either start or grow a small business—and all of them are free!

19. Three Things Your Employees Really Want—But Aren’t Telling You

By Aaron Agius. You’re doing your best to create a healthy work environment that inspires hard-working employees, but raises and break-room sofas lose their newness fast. The three things your employees actually want will last forever.

20. How to Be a Great Leader: The 3 Keys to Managing Yourself

By Thuy Sindell. When we talk about leadership development, we often focus on the qualities that have to do with leading others. But this ignores a major aspect of being a great leader—being able to lead yourself.

Real business owners, real business advice

The majority of our advice articles are written by real entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you—people who not only write about running a small business, but who actually run their own. Our writers bring concrete, real-world insight to the advice they offer. Just like you, they’ve struggled with the all-too-common challenges facing all entrepreneurs and small business owners: securing capital, building a brand, marketing effectively and affordably, hiring the best employees, and winning customer loyalty.

For even more great advice, dive into our massive library of free how-to content on the specific topics you want to learn more about. And be sure to follow AllBusiness on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn for a steady stream of helpful tips all year long.

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