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A recent 3-day event provided small businesses with useful info.  The Rev.Up Summit for sales, marketing and operations was hosted by Dun & Bradstreet.

It ran from June 8-10. Featured speakers covered topics from buyer engagement to digital growth.

Stacy Greiner, Chief Marketing Officer at Dun & Bradstreet, covered the highlights with Small Business Trends.

Incredibly Challenging

“The past year has been incredibly challenging to navigate, especially for small businesses,” she says.  “This Summit offered tips on finding new business and closing in a way that saves resources and drives efficiencies.”

The speaker lineup included industry veterans from both larger and smaller businesses. These experts shared insights on how they had pivoted, shifted to digital and grown their operations in times of uncertainty.

Grow Small Businesses

“Many of our speakers helped grow small businesses. Now they want to share their insights,” Greiner says.

Some of the highlights included talks titled “Four Drivers to Accelerate Buyer Engagement and Growth” with Zarina Stanford, Rackspace. And “Omaha” – Leveraging Data to Perfect the Audible

Sports Success

Dr Jen Welter is the first female to coach in the NFL. She joined the Arizona Cardinals as an inside linebacker’s coach in 2015. She shared some secrets to her sports success that apply to SMBs.

“We’re all looking for ways to do things better,” she said on June 10. “I tell everybody I meet the secret is in being comfortable.” She says during uncertain times like with the recent pandemic fostering trust and love with clients and players is important.


Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder and CEO of, talked about how COVID 19 supercharged digital transformation.

“We saw 10 plus years growth in just 3 months,” he said. “ If you think this only impacts companies that sell online, you’re missing the bigger picture. What we just walked through is a one-way door.”

Deiss says there are 3 prongs to this shift. The first is in marketing. The second in business leadership as companies get more remote. And the last is in a new way of looking at customer experience.


Dun & Bradstreet made some announcements at the event, too.

The D&B Connect Integrations with Workato will allow small businesses to mix B2B insights and data into 450+ different applications. Greiner explains the small business focus.

“The Workato relationship allows companies who don’t have a staff developer to easily connect to other applications,” she says. “So, for small businesses who may not have a big tech staff, this can be an important means to seeing value.”


The D&B Hoovers Audience Builder is an enhancement allowing existing customers to let marketing teams work closely with sales departments.

“This is meant to help marketing teams partner more closely with sales. They can engage and nurture accounts through email, paid media and sales plays,” Greiner says.

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