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Building a personal brand is all about capturing attention. If you work in a “boring” industry, it can be tough to communicate the key benefits that differentiate you from competitors. Especially when you work in an industry that’s not usually the topic of conversation or trending on social media.

Take the VoIP industry, a very boring industry. It’s hard to make VOIP stand out or make it “sexy”. People don’t usually turn to VoIP companies for engaging content, actionable educational or entertainment. But with the right attitude and the ability to produce quality content, leaders even in the boring Cloud VoIP industry can gain recognition and build an audience. (I’ll show you a real life example in bullet #1 below).

In this article I’ll show you real examples of how to capture your target market’s attention, convert them into stark raving fans, and build your personal brand even when you’re in a boring industry.

Ready? Let’s roll!

1. Be Bold. Be Authentic. 

Wallflowers and shrinking violets don’t build brands. People who are bold and enthusiastic do. For executives looking to make their mark and build a brand, being a hands-on, in the trenches type of person translates into authentic experience.

You don’t want to be the kind of exec that takes all the credit and not know how anything works. If your team does the heavy lifting while you get the kudos but you can’t explain how your widget works, then people are not going to respect your opinion.

Someone who shows they know what they are doing and can express their “Why” is going to be more authentic.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and share it, even if it happens to touch on the politics of the day. If it is earnest, authentic and well-thought-out—not some emotionally charged overreaction—then boldly proclaim it and let the discourse begin. That is what builds engagement, followers, and brands. 

Those who take a position and confidently support their way of thinking are more likely to stand out 

People value leaders who are confident and don’t flip-flop on their beliefs just to appease the masses. Sure, some feathers may get ruffled, but how many low-key, wishy-washy executives can you name? Exactly. You can’t name many because they don’t stand out and nobody knows who they are.

2. Share Actionable Expertise

Just because your industry isn’t interesting doesn’t mean no one is interested. You can still share your knowledge and expertise to build your brand. Take Ryan Stewman, the sales and marketing expert who runs a sales training called The Hardcore Closer.

Ryan gained a loyal following talking about lead generation. He has built a multi-million dollar business by taking what has worked for him, sharing it, and monetizing it.

Ryan was on the cutting edge of using social media and videos to promote himself and connect with people when he started in sales. Because of his success, he started to teach other salespeople how to use social media to connect with people and use tools for lead generation. 

He built a lead generation software company called Phonesites that helps salespeople create their own sales funnels. He offered free training on Facebook live and produced free content in the form of articles and training videos.

Sharing his expertise helped grow his personal brand which has allowed him to scale into other successful business ventures. He’s doing it right.

Chris the founder of SalesMessage is another great example. He has been using SMS texting to communicate with anyone who contacts their business or even subscribes to their webinars, events, or blog. 

He shares actionable tips, tricks and information while trying to covert some of the leads who contact him and gets a whopping 70% response rate on SMS texts. He recently shared the complete set of sample text messages to send to customers on his blog. He engages his potential customers and build his following.

But, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in personal branding is to be and act like someone you are not. You will eventually be outed, caught, or exposed. 

When building a personal brand, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or have expertise when you don’t.

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of the once highly-touted blood-testing startup Theranos, was once the darling of Silicon Valley. She was seen as an influencer and visionary in the same vein as Steve Jobs.

Theranos WAS Elizabeth Holmes and her personal brand of being a healthcare wunderkind carried the firm. Unfortunately for many people, the whole company and the whole story was a massive fraud. She faked her expertise and knowledge, the company was exposed and now it is no more.

A personal brand built on lies and half-truths will come back to bite you.

3. Be the MVP of Value

If you want to really stand out, you must be useful and add maximum value at all times. Do this by offering free info, training, and content about your industry and share that info while speaking at events and on podcasts.

We’re talking about sharing real expertise, not just thoughts or opinions, but practical knowledge that comes from actually having done the work.

Jack Kosakowski kills it here. Jack has been providing actionable social selling advice and content for over 5 years. With his SkillsLab social selling site, he has been helping salespeople to increase their presence through social media and how to correctly connect with—and sell to—their target clients. 

Value comes from experience. Jack has churned out content on social media, his blog, publications like The Harvard Business Review, and on podcasts—continually sharing what has worked for him, and how it took him from a newbie salesperson to the CEO of the US division of a Global Digital Agency.

4. Stop Selling and Build Trust Instead

Look, you don’t need to be Billy Mays or the ShamWow guy, pitching and promoting all day while operators are standing by. Constantly pushing product is exhausting. But talking and engaging with people in your own voice—your true self—and showing them how to succeed with examples and actionable ideas will build trust.

When you let people see the real you, trust is built and your brand strengthens and attracts new prospects.

Trust isn’t built by speaking AT people. It’s built by engaging and speaking WITH with your audience.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. And that’s usually not the guy with the bullhorn shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” Differentiate yourself by sharing knowledge from real-world experience in an authentic, engaging way that creates value and trustworthiness. This will build your personal brand.

When someone needs to seek out info in your industry, you will be top-of-mind because you will be the rockstar of your “boring” industry. They will come to you for the value you provide because you’ve built trust due to engagement, value, and expertise. 


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Who else loves having a business Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The commercial entrance mat you see in front of the doors of a building is multifunctional. It may not seem like it, but a quality mat delivers more than meets the eye. And with the right entrance mat, you will protect both your visitors and the wear and tear of your property. Not to mention addressing the set of walkway safety standards that are in place.

So, when you are choosing your next commercial entrance mat, keep in mind the multiple jobs it will do as well as the safety standard it must also abide by.

Best Commercial Entrance Mat


M+A Matting Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Indoor Floor Mat

M+A Matting 221 Waterhog Fashion Diamond Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Indoor Floor Mat

Top Pick: At a 1/4” thick, three feet wide and 12.2 feet long, this mat by M+A is a heavy-duty outdoor solution. The polypropylene fiber system dries quickly whether it is indoor or outdoor. Using an exclusive water dam, the border keeps dirt and water in the mat and away from the floor.

The ridged construction stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level using the rubber reinforced face nubs. This design also prevents pile from crushing in high traffic areas. The company says it is made from green-friendly rubber backing and it has 20% recycled rubber content.

M+A Matting 221 Waterhog Fashion Diamond Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Indoor Floor Mat

Buy on Amazon


Durite Recycled Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Corporation-108H3672 Durite Recycled Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

Runner Up: As tough and reliable entrance mats go; this design is tried and true in all kinds of weather. Made from recycled tires, you can get this mat in sizes up to 36” X 72” to cover the need of most entrances. The open weave design keeps dirt, grime, and moisture off the surface of the mat.

One of the greatest benefits of this mat is its durability. These mats last for years and they are made from 90% recycled content.

Durable Corporation-108H3672 Durite Recycled Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

Buy on Amazon


Guardian Clean Step Scraper Outdoor Floor Mat

Guardian 14040600 Clean Step Scraper Outdoor Floor Mat

Best Value: Made from 100% rubber, this mat is lab and field-tested as well as being NFSI high traction certified. You can get it in three different sizes with the longest one at 10’ in length.

The molded tread design of the Guardian scraper outdoor mat gets dirt and grime away from shoes and traps it into the base of the mat. This is a solid mat for outdoor entryways as it also holds more than a gallon of water.

Guardian Clean Step Scraper Outdoor Floor Mat, Natural Rubber, Scrapes Shoes Clean of Dirt and Grime

Buy on Amazon


Durable Heavy-Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Heavy Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor Entrance Mat

Constructed of heavy-duty rubber the tiny fingers on this mat removes dirt and debris from shoes and traps them securely. The bottom of the mat has a corrugated pattern to keep it in place and the four sides have beveled edging.

The edging ensures the dirt stays in the mat and prevents tripping by providing a level field with the floor.

Durable Heavy Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor Entrance Mat, Black

Buy on Amazon


Wearwell Natural Rubber UpFront Scraper Mat for Outdoor Entrances

Wearwell - 224.516x3x5GRSLTBK Natural Rubber 224 UpFront Scraper Grease Resistant Mat

Made from natural rubber this mat has a low-profile designed to keep it from snagging on doors or tripping people. The upfront scraper with a quick-dry, open-slot design promotes drainage in wet or snowy weather.

Wearwell is a U.S. family-owned and operated business that has been manufacturing matting and flooring since 1950. The company’s green initiative is responsible for ensuring it uses 33% recycled content.

Wearwell Natural Rubber UpFront Scraper Grease Resistant Mat, Slotted, for Outdoor Entrances

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American Floor Mats Waterhog Fall Day Designer Red

If your business happens to have small doors and you want to make a statement with the entrance mat, this will do it. The design is beautiful to look at, but it also holds up to 1.5 gallons/square yard of water.

Constructed from quick-drying, anti-static polypropylene it is stain, fade, and mildew resistant with a gripper backing to ensure it stays in place. The mats are made from 20% recycled content.

American Floor Mats Waterhog Fall Day Designer Red Entrance Floor Mat with Gripper Backing

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Rubber-Cal “Paw-Grip” 100% Nitrile Non-Slip Rubber Matting

If you have a long walkway to the entrance of your business, this roll will protect your customers as they walk into your front door. This mat is made from 100% Nitrile non-slip rubber with a raised bar design to offer extra grip.

The holes throughout the mat provide quick drainage for wet applications. This mat is reversible, and you can also use it for wet indoor environments such as kitchens. Because it is 100% Nitrile it is compatible with a range of products and chemicals.

Rubber-Cal “Paw-Grip” 100% Nitrile Non-Slip Rubber Matting, Black

Buy on Amazon


How Do You Choose an Entrance Mat?

  • Consider your type of business: Healthcare and hospitality industries have some specific needs. While manufacturing, construction and fitness industries have other requirements. There are standards for the different industries, so make sure the mat you buy addresses them.
  • Size: Choose the biggest mat your budget will allow. This is because the bigger it is the more chances there are for people to clean their shoes before they get into your place of business. If it is too small, it cannot take care of more than one person at a time. And if they are in a hurry, they might just get in without even stepping on the mat.
  • Material: The material you choose is going to depend on whether it is an indoor or outdoor mat. You can get materials ranging from rubber to woven seagrass, nylon, aluminum, cork, polypropylene, coconut fiber, nitrile rubber, PVC and others.
  • Durability: The material you choose will dictate how long your entrance mat will last. Look for materials with characteristics capable of withstanding constant scraping and absorbing. This is going to allow the mat to trap the dirt and moisture while lasting longer.
  • Aesthetic and Personalization: An entrance mat gives the first impression before a customer enters your place of business. Choose a color, design, and logo to highlight your brand. A custom entrance mat is a great way to communicate to your customers you are putting extra effort in extending your hospitality.


Slip and fall injuries are a serious problem when you enter a commercial building. And the role of entrance mats is especially important in addressing this issue. The 2012 update of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B101 committee on Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention on walkway safety standards regulates the types of mats you must install in your entrance.

The ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012 “Standard Guide For Commercial Entrance Matting In Reducing Slips, Trips And Falls” makes a number of recommendations. It provides the criteria for selecting, installing, inspecting along with the care and maintenance of entrance mats. This includes loose soil, moisture, un-flush edges on the mat, and improper installations as some of the issues the update addresses.

The Job of an Entrance Mat

An entrance mat must perform three key tasks to be effective. And this is made possible with the material, construction, size, and placement of the mat.

  1. The first thing it must do is prevent moisture, dirt, and other debris from coming into the building. It does this by scraping the shoes and removing the debris as well as absorbing the moisture if it is wet.
  2. If it does the first job properly, it will prevent slip and falls once people leave the mat and enter the building.
  3. To make this safety standard possible, the mat needs to trap the dirt and moisture in place. Once it traps the dirt and moister, a quality mat will also prevent them from escaping and being carried by other people inside the building until it gets cleaned.

Indoor and Outdoor Mats

The job of indoor and outdoor mats differs greatly. The weather in your region as well the covering over the entrance will also play a role.

The outdoor mat needs to drain moisture while removing the debris on shoes including dirt and mud. These mats are commonly made with rubber, they have drainage holes, and nubs to clean dirt and mud.

Indoor mats can also perform all the tasks of an outdoor mat, and if the building only has one mat this is going to be the case. If you plan to only have an indoor mat, invest in the highest quality mat with a raised section and fabric top for wiping and scraping one’s shoes and absorbing moisture.

The ideal scenario is to have an exterior and interior entrance mat. This will not only do a better job, but the mats will last much longer.

As you can see an entrance mat does more than meets the eye. Its function goes far beyond the utilitarian role it is designed for.


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